Greetings Wikians!

Bob here and is wishing you a very Merry Christmas. In March! Yes, that's right. This wiki celebrates Christmas all year round and you can join in the celebrations! How do I join in? - you may ask. Well, contribute! It couldn't be more simple! Edit, create and enjoy the pages on this wiki - that's what they're here for!


Why not join the Chatroom? Yep, you can chat to other users LIVE about your favourite moments from the iconic episode!


Talk to each other via the Comments section on the articles! Why do you like SpongeBob? Why do you like It's a SpongeBob Christmas!? The comments are there for you my friend.


So, I'll be after users to create amazing themes and logos for this wiki! Winners will receive in-wiki gifts - no cash or gift prizes I'm afraid. =D

They're only a few ways to enjoy this wiki. Give some more in the comments below.


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